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Barra Musa Kebir


The rounded island is 60 nautical miles from Port Sudan on the southeastern edge of the northern Suakin group.


Barra Musa Kebir is overgrown with green bushes in the middle. Sea turtles use the beach to lay their eggs and there is an extremely attractive plateau on the south side. On the west and east side there are drop-offs that delight every steep wall diver.
North side
The reef wall is jagged and falls vertically on the first 10 to 15. Lionfish are waiting in the reef crevices or under ledges for the night to catch prey. Small long-nose tufts are hiding in the branches of fan gorgonians. A two-stage sloping slope begins below the wall and is covered with coral heads. The numerous soft corals that populate the slope are noticeable. From a depth of 55 meters, the reef wall falls almost vertically into the deep blue of the open water. As on the other sides, different types of sharks can be found.
South plateau
The reef wall falls almost vertically from the water surface to the base of the plateau. It forms numerous crevices and small caves populated by various sea creatures, and the plateau slopes downwards from a depth of 23 meters. It is studded with small coral heads that are covered with soft corals. From diadem sea urchins and hair stars to nasal doctor fish to giant moray eels, a lot of interesting things can be observed in the smallest space. With a bit of luck, you can spot a stone fish lying in wait, and at the edge, at a depth of 26 meters, the visitor reaches an almost vertical drop, which in some places forms large caves. Large fish are found especially at the southern tip.


  • Shoals of tuna and large barakudas as well as individual gray and hammerhead sharks are among the guests. Sea turtles often swim in the shallower area. Depending on the season, manta rays also pass by the reef.