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Shaab - Ras Disha


Ras Disha is located in the south of Hurghada, just before the "Makadi Bay".


The boat is anchored in the south, protected from the wind.
One can here either make a drift dive by zodiac or dive from the boat the three ergs in the shallow area.
In a "drift" one will go by the Zodiak to the north and dive from there with the current along the drop off. It is always worth to take a look into the blue, to look for the great hunters.
It is quite possible that sometimes passes a reef shark.
When diving from the boat you circle the three Ergs in a depth of 10 - 12 meters.


  • Particularly worth seeing is the northernmost - he has a large cave with glass fish and isolated lionfish inside.
  • Around the Ergs one finds the usual hunters of glass fish - mackerel, lionfish, and red mouthed grouper. On the sandy bottom the well-camouflaged bottom dwellers are lurking - Crocodile fish, sole, stonefish, devilfish filament, blue spotted stingrays and chiggers.