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Towartit Reef


5 nautical miles south of Port Sudan, the Towartit Reef nestles close to the mainland coast. Basically, this is a reef group consisting of a large number of small individual reefs.


Towartit Reef is 18 nautical miles long from north to south and 9 nautical miles wide from west to east. There are no exact nautical maps of the area and part of the reef group has not yet been mapped. For this reason, too, it has become a cemetery for numerous ships. Wreck enthusiasts will get their money's worth here.
There are marine signs on several reefs in the north to warn the ships of shallows on the way to Port Sudan. A dive site is just south of the northernmost sea mark.
Shielded from a long reef in the east and two small reefs in the west and south, you can anchor there.
In the interior, the sea floor sinks to a depth of 9 to 22 meters. On the outside near the northern tip, the bottom drops steeply to 80 meters.