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Shaab Malahi

  • Current: N/W in the mornings, N/E at midday
  • Visibility: J, F, M, A: 25–30 m; M, J, J, A: 30–50 m; S, O, N, D: 40–50 m
  • Temperatures: J, F, M: 24–25°C; A, M, J: 26–28°C; J, A, S: 28-31°C; O, N, D: 30-25°C
  • Depth: 3 m to approx. 25 m


This is one of the very special reefs: a labyrinth grown from single huge blocks. In the inner lagoon with the coral garden and the small caves are the resting places of the hunters and you can see the rare hatchetfish, but also fascinating snails and anemones.


ShaabMalahi has a length of 100m and a width of 60m. The depth varies from 22m to 6m in the inner area. Only on the east side after about 50m there is a drop-off edge.
The reef is a conglomerate of boulders that enclose the area almost circularly. Some of them rise 16 to 20m steeply and in the upper area an overhang has formed.

The labyrinth of blocks is most relaxed to dive with a guide, and the diving depth varies often and sometimes extremely, so that the ears have to perform at their best here.
ShaabMalahi gives you the opportunity to see the formation of reefs, because due to the weather this reef is always in motion. Here you should watch out for falling objects in the overgrown corridors and caves.
Behind and below the boat is a sandy area that hosts some nice big boulders at about 20 meters depth, running far to the south. In its southeast there are two blocks that look like they are connected with table corals. Here and a little further north there are schools of banner fish. But there is a lot to discover in this area in general.


  • One dive alone is not enough to explore the many wonders of the reef.