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SS Turkia

  • Nationality: British
  • Type: Steam Cargo Ship
  • Year built: 1909
  • Tonnage: 1671 GRT
  • Length: 91 m
  • Width: 13 m
  • Sunk: 17. May 1941
  • Location: Gulf of Suez
  • Min. Depth: 10 m
  • Max. Depth: 24m
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The SS Turkia was built in Hull (England) under the name livorno as steam cargo ship served as a schooner with 1671 tons. It was designed by Earles Shipbuilding and Engineering Co (Yard No. 562), with a three-times magnified steam engine that was able to reach 9.5 knots.


It was built for Thomas Wilson Sons & Co. also located in Hull. Upon completion in 1910, the SS Livorno was used in her first year as a diverse merchant ship and shuttled between Hull, London and the Adriatic Sea. In 1911 she ran between Hull, Constantinople, Novorossick and Odessa, as well as between St. Petersburg and Cronstadt. In 1916 she was employed for the way Hull – Trieste. With the beginning of the first World War she was used for trade between Manchester Liverpool to St. Petersburg, Revel / Riga and she completed a total of 6 trips. After the warthe ship was often used to transport perishable fruits and frequently coal.


  • The wreck of the SS Turkia has a quite extraordinary variety of flora and fauna. Soft corals, purple fan corals, nudibranchs, schools of small barracudas, groupers, angel fish, large mackerel have the wreck chosen as a home.