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Protector Reef


This reef is approximately 1 nautical miles from Hindi Gider, 10 nautical miles southeast. On the northern tip are the remains of an unknown wreck.


North plateau
The reef wall drops vertically up to 15 meters. It is interspersed with crevices and small caves that house numerous reef inhabitants. This is followed by a gently sloping plateau on which some wreckage of an unknown ship is scattered. The bottom is covered with colorful soft corals. Shoals of baracudas make their way over whip corals. On the outside, the plateau drops steeply into the deep blue. Remarkably large fan organs grow on the wall and offer attractive motifs to underwater photographers. You often come across whitetip and gray reef sharks.
South plateau
Its step-like structure characterizes the south plateau. The first stage is 3 to 5 meters. Countless small reef inhabitants populate the light-flooded shallow water area. They include tawny boxfish, yellowblade nose doctor fish and various types of gobies. There are further steps at 13 and 20 meters. These are set with numerous small coral blocks. Stone corals, between which whip corals rise, dominate the bottom. Shoals of barbed mackerel swim above them. Occasionally whitetip reef sharks can be found. On the approximately 300 meter long plateau, as on the north side, stronger currents must be expected.


  • White tip and gray reef sharks